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Healthy Communities

Hooping on Broad Avenue

Civic Plaza Fountain

Crosstown Block Party

Demanding healthy communities has become a battle cry in Memphis. As a city, we understand at the core of happiness, economic development and success is a population of healthy citizens. Recent years have seen a confluence of corporate, non-profit and community actions all directed at a single-goal: making Memphis healthy. And the communal work is not coindidence, because it takes everyone's involvement to create a healthy environment. True community health means access to quality healthcare, fresh foods and safe outdoor space. We are working together to design our city – our buildings, neighborhoods, communities – to make healthy living an easy choice.

Healthy Communities Features

TraVure office and retail development site in the West Poplar District of Germantown, TN,

Landlocked Germantown models urban growth strategies

Germantown is looking to densify by supporting major-dollar mixed use projects that are new types of development for the suburban community.


Overton Park supporters rally to raise $1M to fund parking for Memphis Zoo

A public fundraising campaign for $1 million is the latest plot twist in the long-simmering parking dispute between the Memphis Zoo and Overton Park.

Tony Knox, founder of Fitnexx, wants to make education fun and accessible by promoting active video games.

Healthy video games tackle Memphis' childhood obesity crisis

Fitnexx, a Memphis-based developer of virtual reality games to inspire kids to exercise, makes activity accessible and fun. 

Caritas Village executive director Leslie Barker and founder Onie Johns

Caritas Village's new director brings theatrical flair to the longstanding community hub

Meet Leslie Barker, the new executive director of Caritas Village.

The electrical workers union on Madison Ave.

Shuttered buildings for workers unions tell of changes in local economy

Perhaps the most well-known Memphis union story is the most tragic one: the 1968 sanitation strike by members of AFSCME, Local 1733 that brought Dr. Martin Luther King to Memphis and unfortunately sealed his fate. Union buildings in Memphis, and the changes that have happened to them, reflect the history of the city. Today, the landscape for unions, like in years past, is not without its issues.
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