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Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

St. Jude Children's Hospital

Healthcare is undeniably one of Memphis' great advantages. The region supports numerous hospitals, including top-ranked providers, and the city is known for its strong foundation in research, bioscience, orthopedics, medical devices, pediatric cancer, and infectious disease. Healthcare is our competitive strength and a gift that we export to the rest of the world; discoveries made here have helped push medicine forward. And with amazing local groups like the Church Health Center working to ensure access, Memphis is moving foward as a healthcare leader and a healthy community.


A view of Decatur Street in Smokey City.

SPARCC grant targets North Memphis for equitable development

North Memphis, which has suffered from chronic public and private disinvestment, is getting an injection of capital with a $1 million grant and access to a larger $90 million financing pool. 

 Dr. Narayanaswami Rangaswami, the pediatric physician at the Guthrie Primary Care Clinic in Smokey City, examines Christine Jones, 17.

Nutrition, access to care impact health of Klondike Smokey City

Regional One Health’s Guthrie Primary Care clinic provides services to the Klondike Smokey City community as Church Health’s future presence at Crosstown Concourse could have a local impact. But the neighborhood’s healthcare needs go beyond what services are provided.


Dr. Beverly Cleaves brings hot meals and good health to Klondike

Once a month, Dr. Beverly Cleaves brings her endocrinology practice to the Klondike community. Her longstanding Friendship Feeding Program provides a medical clinic, clothes and food drive and a hot meal to North Memphis.

Residents and student of the University of Memphis planning department discuss Klondike Smokey City's future at a March 2016 meeting.

Facing disinvestment, Klondike Smokey City charts its own path to development

Facing chronic public and private disinvestment, Klondike Smokey City is taking development into its own hands in creating a neighborhood plan with University of Memphis students.

Architect's rendering of proposed Innovation Center.

Regional One Health looks to the future of healthcare with startup-facing center

The formation of an idea for healthcare innovation, its fulfillment, prototyping, funding and first customer can all be found within Regional One Health.
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