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Salvation Army Red Kettle volunteer

Painting at Pilgrim's Rest House

St. Mary's Soup Kitchen

The impact and strength of the rich collection of active and creative non-profit organizations in Memphis cannot be underestimated. Foundations, non-profit organizations and hospitals make up a large percentage of the business community, and are thus significant employers. And in a town that is steeped in a history of grassroots movement and social activism, it was an easy lesson: when you invest in non-profits you invest in building a stronger community.

Our city can boast being a part of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's sweeping goal to advance cures and prevention for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment (without denying treatment because of a family's ability to pay). Ducks Unlimited, headquartered here, is the world's largest waterfowl and wetlands conservation organization. From one-woman start-ups like Project Greenfork to the revolutionary new strategies in healthcare at the Church Health Center, our non-profits – large and small – are making big waves. Whether the groups are enriching lives with art and culture, or saving lives with critical research, Memphis has become a hospitable home for those who want to make a difference.


A view of Decatur Street in Smokey City.

SPARCC grant targets North Memphis for equitable development

North Memphis, which has suffered from chronic public and private disinvestment, is getting an injection of capital with a $1 million grant and access to a larger $90 million financing pool. 


Klondike Smokey Cityís history drives its future

For the next three months embedded On the Ground writers, photographers and videographers will focus on the North Memphis neighborhoods of Klondike and Smokey City.

Art Walk

Binghampton immigrants sell food to share their stories

Better understanding and fostering an entrepreneurship community in Binghampton could result in a growing food and restaurant scene in the diverse neighborhood.


From the high school radio station to the main stage

 With nearly two years of broadcasting experience under her belt, Poole served as one of the inaugural Levitt Shell Next Generation apprentices, a program under the Memphis Music Initiative umbrella.  

Carpenter Art Garden 1

Hugs come with opportunity at Carpenter Art Garden

The Carpenter Art Garden provides opportunities for Binghampton children where everything is centered on the wonder and possibilities of artistic expression.
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