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Dana Dorsey is the Job Training Manager at Memphis Bioworks Foundation

Building a green jobs workforce

Last month the first graduation of Memphis Clean and Green Job Training celebrated more than 20 unemployed or under-employed Memphians who received training and certification through an EPA-funded program at Memphis Bioworks Foundation. The new, free program is creatively filling a workforce gap, converting the unemployed into a skilled green labor force.  

North Memphis farmers collective

Fighting blight with food: Farmers collective gets kickstarted in North Memphis

The North Memphis Farmers Collective was just a seed of an idea for many years before an assembly of supporters gave it the resources to bloom.  Now the group is expanding their work, taking on more blighted properties and equipping North Memphis residents to grow healthy, local food themselves. 

indie memphis

What's new for Indie Memphis

As Indie Memphis prepares to welcome 10,000 people to its 18th annual film festival, the organization is rolling out some new ideas along with a new interim director, Ryan Watt. The festival, a local favorite for nearly two decades, continues to grow to include new voices, new media and new audiences. 
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