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Harahan Bridge

Buffalo mural on South Main

Art installation at Glitch

Onix Ashanti at Forge

Madison Avenue in the Edge


Lance Draper is a local real estate entrepreneur with his sights on Downtown expansion

Self-Made: How Lance Draper is building an empire of affordable housing

Lance Draper bought his first rental property when he was 18, with money he saved from his job as a grocery store check-out clerk. Now, at age 25, he’s set his sights on Downtown.  

Public art in the Edge

Watch this: The Edge of Memphis is no longer on the fringe

As the "heart of Memphis, the Edge of downtown," the Edge district has been an intersection of industry and culture since the city's earliest days. The district has a rich history as home to entrepreneurs and craftsmen, and the trend continues today with new investments from local makers.

South Main

A plan in progress: A guide to Downtown developments on the south end

The South Main district of Downtown Memphis has its roots in the arts, but a new renaissance is occurring, fueled by real estate developers looking to capitalize on the neighborhood’s momentum. With all the dirt moving in the area, we bring you a comprehensive rundown of the development projects planned and underway.

Tawnee McCluskey

Want to get people back to work? Fill the basic skills gap

Low-income workers like Tawnee McCluskey often lack the basic skills needed to find a good job. To bridge the gap, experts says it's essential to invest in training. Yet despite millions of people out of work, programs are hard to find.


Living on the Edge: making a home in the district

When describing why they chose to call the Edge home, residents focus on traditional neighborhood charm mixed with a creative, urban flavor, with the added bonus of room to work and build.
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