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Arts and Culture

Sidewalk Festival for the Performing Arts

Mary Jo Kariminia installs her interactive art work

What really sets NBE apart are its students. Simply put: these are not the kinds of kids you usually see in a dance studio.

Memphis is a rich with authentic arts and culture assets. From the thriving music industry with deep roots in every important American genre to an impressive p[erforming arts district blossoming in Overton Square, Memphis' creative talents are not left in the history books. The city is  home to a nationally acclaimed professional ballet company, opera and symphony orchestra. We boast an array of incredible museums, including the newly renovated National Civil Rights Museum. 


Brandon Marshall painting a recent temporary mural at the Crosstown strip.

Public art investments create a moveable museum for Memphis

"Public art has become much more an expectation rather than something we can’t afford or as something unnecessary," said Carissa Hussong, executive director of the Metal Museum about Memphis' 20-year dance with public art. 


Jupiter Comics brings superheroes to the suburbs

Brothers Josh and Zack Bicknell opened Jupiter Comics in Collierville in 2014 to fill a need for fans to find comics closer to their suburban homes.


Inclusivity is key to Memphis' chapter as a literary city

Memphis' literati from publishing to poetry are working to connect the city's niches and foster a literary culture that is unique to Memphians.


Art gallery for marginalized artists illustrates homelessness

An art gallery in the up-and-coming Edge District is filled with art created by Memphians experiencing poverty and homelessness. 


Art lights up lesser-known Flicker Street in Midtown

Recently, small business owners have banded together to brand the one-block area as the Flicker Street Arts District. However, that banner doesn’t mean that greater Memphis necessarily knows where Flicker Street is located.
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