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Downtown/Downtown Core

100 North Main

Downtown Looking Up

The Little Tea Shop on Monroe



Two wheels in the carpool lane: Making public schools bike-friendly

Experts are training children in the laws of the road to combat Memphis' car-centric culture and promote bicycle riding.

Book Juggler

South Main Book Juggler depends on community for success

The South Main Book Juggler provides a local bookstore option in the heart of Downtown, where a mix of locals and tourists access a selection of used and new books.


Unmarked Memphis I: Mummies, a fatal orphanage and legal prostitution

 A trained eye can show you the weird and wonderful underground history of Memphis.


High Fences: How industrial facilities evolve in changing neighborhoods

As Memphis modernizes and densifies, leaders are coming up with innovative ways to grow with longstanding industrial tenants or coerce new development. 

Exchange Building

19-story "startup village" is home to entrepreneurs in Downtown

Over 30 startup founders called the Exchange Building home while growing their companies. 
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