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Solar panels at the Agricenter

Roots Memphis Hoop House

Whether it's solar panels, urban gardens or bike lanes, Memphis is embracing the green movement. With an understanding that sustainability not only preserves resources (and money) but attracts talent and industry, numerous local philanthropic and commercial enterprises are hard at work developing green-minded ideas. Conservation efforts at Wold River, convenient recycling, and the expansion of park services are most certainly just the first wave.


Porter Leath Childrens’ Home on Manassas Street is the oldest structure in Klondike/Smokey City. It was an orphanage until 1969 when it became a multi-service agency to serve more children in need.

Prosperity and decline shape Klondike Smokey City's history

Klondike Smokey City’s history tells a story of prosperity but also one of decline with shuttered factories, white flight and racial segregation at its core. 

Residents and student of the University of Memphis planning department discuss Klondike Smokey City's future at a March 2016 meeting.

Facing disinvestment, Klondike Smokey City charts its own path to development

Facing chronic public and private disinvestment, Klondike Smokey City is taking development into its own hands in creating a neighborhood plan with University of Memphis students.


High Fences: How industrial facilities evolve in changing neighborhoods

As Memphis modernizes and densifies, leaders are coming up with innovative ways to grow with longstanding industrial tenants or coerce new development. 

Fourth Bluff

Post-protests, neighborhoods lead Memphis' greenspace growth

The momentum behind the “Save the Greensward” protests could find positive outlet in a handful of new initiatives to get communities engaged in maintaining greenspaces.

Allen Plant

You Gotta Know: TVA's plan for the Memphis Sand Aquifer

What is TVA's plan to drill into the Memphis aquifer and why does it matter? Here's a primer on the latest environmental order for Shelby County.
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