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Porter Leath Childrens’ Home on Manassas Street is the oldest structure in Klondike/Smokey City. It was an orphanage until 1969 when it became a multi-service agency to serve more children in need.

Prosperity and decline shape Klondike Smokey City's history

Klondike Smokey City’s history tells a story of prosperity but also one of decline with shuttered factories, white flight and racial segregation at its core. 

Quincy Morris, the president and director of the Klondike/Smokey City Community Development Corp., sits for a portrait at the KSCCDC office.

Is SPARCC the start of North Memphis opportunity?

Is $1 million enough to turn around the decades of disinvestment and decline that have plagued North Memphis? 


VIDEO: Midtown Mosque brightens North Memphis

On a corner of North Memphis, the Midtown Mosque provides prayer, community and a little bit of urban gardening.

A view of Decatur Street in Smokey City.

SPARCC grant targets North Memphis for equitable development

North Memphis, which has suffered from chronic public and private disinvestment, is getting an injection of capital with a $1 million grant and access to a larger $90 million financing pool. 

 Dr. Narayanaswami Rangaswami, the pediatric physician at the Guthrie Primary Care Clinic in Smokey City, examines Christine Jones, 17.

Nutrition, access to care impact health of Klondike Smokey City

Regional One Health’s Guthrie Primary Care clinic provides services to the Klondike Smokey City community as Church Health’s future presence at Crosstown Concourse could have a local impact. But the neighborhood’s healthcare needs go beyond what services are provided.
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