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Unmarked Memphis I: Mummies, a fatal orphanage and legal prostitution

 A trained eye can show you the weird and wonderful underground history of Memphis.

whitehaven graceland

The next chapter for Whitehaven

Whitehaven boasts a high rate of home-ownership and is the "front door" for Memphis tourists, but the area has struggled with attracting fresh developments and investment. Now with multi-million dollar projects from Elvis Presley Enterprises in the works, community leaders are optimistic about what's next for the neighborhood.

Suzanne Carlson

Changing the way we get around

In a city as car-reliant as Memphis, getting people to explore alternate ways to travel is tough. But that's the task before Suzanne Carlson, who joined the Innovation Team this year. Along with a growing list of strategic partners, she is improving transit choices in Memphis, particularly for those dependent on public options.  


Sky's the limit: The plan to revive the Memphis Airport

Two years after Delta Airlines left the Memphis Airport without a nucleus, the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority is rebuilding with a focus on low-cost carriers, a new incentive program, a modernization plan, and leadership from a new board chairman.

Agape Helps Students 1

Socially minded entrepreneurs help students excel

Memphis has been noted for its above-average charity; we are a city willing to give. That generosity is bleeding over into local start-ups, where entrepreneurs increasingly want to make money and do good at the same time.  
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