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Memphis International Airport

Cyclist in Cooper Young

American Airlines flight taking off from Memphis International Airport

As Memphis founders signed the city's charter, they knew their place on the bluff was an ideal location for a port. They likely didn't foresee that they were laying the groundwork for Memphis to become a vital component of the global and continental transportation and logistics network. Our city is now a crossroads of commerce and traffic with an unsurpassed combination of air, rail, land and water shipping possibilities. While we're a top-rated logistics, distribution and shipping hub with one the busiest cargo airports in the world, Memphis has struggled with how to best move people. With a new focus on bettering public transportation and reinvesting in infrastructure, our leaders are looking to help us get around, too.

But the most exciting changes in Memphis transportation aren't motorized. Businesses, government and non-profits have teamed up to bring Memphis mobility into the 21st century with bike lanes and pedestrian projects that connect our neighborhoods, protect our environment and get Memphians moving.


Porter Leath Childrens’ Home on Manassas Street is the oldest structure in Klondike/Smokey City. It was an orphanage until 1969 when it became a multi-service agency to serve more children in need.

Prosperity and decline shape Klondike Smokey City's history

Klondike Smokey City’s history tells a story of prosperity but also one of decline with shuttered factories, white flight and racial segregation at its core. 

A view of Decatur Street in Smokey City.

SPARCC grant targets North Memphis for equitable development

North Memphis, which has suffered from chronic public and private disinvestment, is getting an injection of capital with a $1 million grant and access to a larger $90 million financing pool. 


Two wheels in the carpool lane: Making public schools bike-friendly

Experts are training children in the laws of the road to combat Memphis' car-centric culture and promote bicycle riding.

People can now walk from Arkansas to Tennessee across the longest pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi River.

Big River Crossing reinterprets the Mississippi River's role in transit

One mile long and 100 feet above the air. The $16 million Big River Crossing boardwalk is the longest pedestrian path across the Mississippi River.

The Memphis Medical District Collaborative estimates that roughly 270 acres of the greater neighborhood is parking

Transportation conversation begins with parking summit

The Memphis Medical District Collaborative and Innovate Memphis looks to start a broader transportation and parking conversation with a parking summit that brings together national experts with local leaders.
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