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The Edge District

Sun Studio

Wiffle Ball field



Art gallery for marginalized artists illustrates homelessness

An art gallery in the up-and-coming Edge District is filled with art created by Memphians experiencing poverty and homelessness. 


Downtown's families at home in urban life

Downtown may be an unconventional choice for life with children, but these families are attracted to the home-without-boundaries that is Memphis' urban core. 

Suzanne Carlson

Changing the way we get around

In a city as car-reliant as Memphis, getting people to explore alternate ways to travel is tough. But that's the task before Suzanne Carlson, who joined the Innovation Team this year. Along with a growing list of strategic partners, she is improving transit choices in Memphis, particularly for those dependent on public options.  

Williams writes, "I know few venture through the alley ways of the Edge, but the Spot is definitely one to check out. I wish it was more available to the public."

Seeing neighborhood revitalization through an artist's eyes

While public art has traditionally been an afterthought in urban renewal, the Collabortory makes art an integral part of development projects. Through rigorous community research, the group has put the commissioning process in the hands of the artists.

Agape Helps Students 1

Socially minded entrepreneurs help students excel

Memphis has been noted for its above-average charity; we are a city willing to give. That generosity is bleeding over into local start-ups, where entrepreneurs increasingly want to make money and do good at the same time.  
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