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Gardening at Bethel Grove Elementary

After-school practice at Stax Music Academy

Education is an on-going Memphis project – we are pushing to make our schools better through collaboration and creativity. To make a Memphis with more opportunity and stability for everyone, our leaders are re-focusing on preparing our citizens for success early. The newly expanded Shelby County Schools (now one of the larger systems in the country) is supplemented by various private, charter and alternative institutions. High education is a big piece of the puzzle, too, with nearly 50,000 students enrolled at Southwest Tennessee Community College, the University of Memphis, Christian Brothers University, Rhodes College,LeMoyne-Owen College and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.


Porter Leath Childrens’ Home on Manassas Street is the oldest structure in Klondike/Smokey City. It was an orphanage until 1969 when it became a multi-service agency to serve more children in need.

Prosperity and decline shape Klondike Smokey City's history

Klondike Smokey City’s history tells a story of prosperity but also one of decline with shuttered factories, white flight and racial segregation at its core. 


Inclusivity is key to Memphis' chapter as a literary city

Memphis' literati from publishing to poetry are working to connect the city's niches and foster a literary culture that is unique to Memphians.


Two wheels in the carpool lane: Making public schools bike-friendly

Experts are training children in the laws of the road to combat Memphis' car-centric culture and promote bicycle riding.

Residents and student of the University of Memphis planning department discuss Klondike Smokey City's future at a March 2016 meeting.

Facing disinvestment, Klondike Smokey City charts its own path to development

Facing chronic public and private disinvestment, Klondike Smokey City is taking development into its own hands in creating a neighborhood plan with University of Memphis students.

Perea Preschool

VIDEO: Perea Preschool preps Klondike's future

As the Klondike neighborhood in North Memphis is facing several educational challenges, Perea Preschool is working to create a foundation of learning for students and their parents.
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