Feature StorySidney Johnson, president of the Mitchell Heights Neighborhood Association, poses in front of the hoop house at the Mitchell Heights Landscape Garden and Nursery. (Cole Bradley)
Feature StoryCaritas is located at 2509 Harvard Avenue. The building was originally an masonic lodge. (Shelda Edwards)
Innovation & Job NewsThe independent craft brewer seal is a handy tool for enthusiasts to easily differentiate beer from craft brewers and beer produced by "big beer.".
Development NewsHeights Line enhancement project
Development NewsWolf River Conservancy TWF award
Feature StoryYoung men play basketball in Booker T. Washington park.
Feature StoryHarold Collins, former councilmember for Whitehaven's District 3, poses for a portrait. (Brandon Dahlberg)
Innovation & Job NewsDr. Bruce Kirksey, Director of Farm and Research for Agricenter International, thinks their is a future in organic farming practices in the Mid-South.

Agricenter International goes organic

Feature StoryComposting takes place at the Compost Fairy's facility. (Submitted)

Memphis compost service turns food waste into rich soil

Development News100th Learning Garden Hamilton Middle
Development NewsTHDA DPA program event March 20
Innovation & Job NewsChris Peterson was hired as the farm manager for the Alpha Omega Veteran Services urban farm. Memphis Tilth will partner with AOVS for three years to get the farm up and running and to train veterans on managing the operation.

Former U.S. Army supply depot "reclaimed" as urban farm for veterans