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Economic Development

Construction on International Paper's new tower underway in East Memphis.

Whole Foods construction in east Memphis

There's been excitement in the Memphis air recently. With new businesses popping up and long abandoned neighborhoods coming alive with revitalization efforts, it's easy to see the results of economic development. From big investments to small-scale projects, from South Main to Binghampton, we have a lot to cover in the realm of econmic growth. Through the coordinated actions of government, communities, companies and entrepreneurs, the growth of Memphis is strong.

Economic Development Features

Porter Leath Childrensí Home on Manassas Street is the oldest structure in Klondike/Smokey City. It was an orphanage until 1969 when it became a multi-service agency to serve more children in need.

Prosperity and decline shape Klondike Smokey City's history

Klondike Smokey City’s history tells a story of prosperity but also one of decline with shuttered factories, white flight and racial segregation at its core. 

Robert Church

Memphis black history: Millionaire Robert Church rebuilds Memphis after the Yellow Fever epidemic

Robert Church stuck it out. He dedicated his life to the city that he loved even when times got difficult. When he had the privilege to run away, he stayed and invested in Memphis.

Darrell Cobbins

Op-ed: Economic justice means loving Memphis in the public eye

We have a plan for our parks and greenways, our Downtown, our workforce development, then why not a plan to address the biggest obstacle staring us in the face?  A locking of arms that says we will not be a community where this economic imbalance exists for future generations to toil over. 

Quincy Morris, the president and director of the Klondike/Smokey City Community Development Corp., sits for a portrait at the KSCCDC office.

Is SPARCC the start of North Memphis opportunity?

Is $1 million enough to turn around the decades of disinvestment and decline that have plagued North Memphis? 

A view of Decatur Street in Smokey City.

SPARCC grant targets North Memphis for equitable development

North Memphis, which has suffered from chronic public and private disinvestment, is getting an injection of capital with a $1 million grant and access to a larger $90 million financing pool. 
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