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Arts and Culture

Sidewalk Festival for the Performing Arts

Mary Jo Kariminia installs her interactive art work

What really sets NBE apart are its students. Simply put: these are not the kinds of kids you usually see in a dance studio.

Memphis is a rich with authentic arts and culture assets. From the thriving music industry with deep roots in every important American genre to an impressive p[erforming arts district blossoming in Overton Square, Memphis' creative talents are not left in the history books. The city is  home to a nationally acclaimed professional ballet company, opera and symphony orchestra. We boast an array of incredible museums, including the newly renovated National Civil Rights Museum. 

Arts and Culture Features

A piece from Joey Miller's "The 5 Fifth" exhibition at Memphis Slim House.

Art galleries in unexpected spaces portray fresh perspectives of Memphis

“All of these galleries are truly reflective of their community,” said Whitney Hardy, founder and executive director of Young Arts Patrons. “They’re not just there because they found cheaper rent and moved in. They’re tied to the community, and they invest in their community.”

Aretha Franklin's birth home at 406 Lucy Avenue.

TV network could save Aretha Franklin's crumbling Memphis home

More than four years after being declared a public nuisance, the South Memphis home where iconic songstress Aretha Franklin was born continues to display the effects of dilapidation and despair, but brighter days may be ahead.


Mapping the decline and revival of Soulsville USA

As a coda to its On the Ground program, the High Ground News team examines the area known as Soulsville USA from its turn-of-the-century designation as a residential hub, the 1960 opening of groundbreaking Stax Records, decades of decline and recently -- revival. 


Tootsie Bell's silversmith work is a rarity in Memphis

Tootsie Bell has created custom jewelry and repaired a variety of silver items since opening her business Tootsie Bell silversmith/jeweler in 1995.

 Guitar bodies hang in the workshop waiting to be connected with necks.

Boutique guitars built and sold on Broad Avenue

Move over Gibson Guitar Factory. Memphis Guitar Spa has launched an in-house brand of specialty guitars. 
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