Memphis startup Technology Happens launches new product and company

Founded in May 2011, Technology Happens is a Memphis-based independent programming and consulting company that provides innovative and simple solutions to empower credit unions to better serve their members. Housed in Emerge Memphis, Technology Happens serves approximately 50 client credit unions throughout the United States. The first four years have proved highly successful for the small business; it has grown to include seven full-time employees and earned over a million dollars in revenue in 2014. 

Having already established one successful company, founder Mike Blumenthal is now launching a new venture, seeking to change the way people sign documents all over the world.

Along with his research and development team of Mike Trevarthan and Chris Truckner, Blumenthal is launching a new product and company called Member Vantage Point, Inc., known as MVP. The MVP system improves the relationship between members and employees of credit unions, giving both sides peace of mind in regards to secure financial transactions. Today, when you electronically sign a document at a bank or credit union, you are most likely only presented with a signature form and transactional receipt without viewing the actual terms you are agreeing to. MVP seeks to solve this problem by utilizing a custom device along with  32", 21" and 15" projective capacitive touch screen monitors typically used in museum exhibits. Instead of only seeing their signature, MVP users can browse the entire document, zoom in and out and choose where they sign. The second phase of product development will add the ability to snap a photograph of the signer to bind to the document for added security. The third phase of MVP will allow users to use WiFi Direct to project documents to any WiFi enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet. This technology will revolutionize drive thru transactions as members will be able to complete their transactions via smartphone.

Blumenthal and his team have several patents pending on the unique new methods they’ve developed for MVP. 

A third generation Memphian, Blumenthal is committed to his city. "Memphis is the place to be right now," he says in regards to the recent increase in entrepreneurial resources. "Our whole focus is on building jobs in Memphis."

With the addition of Member Vantage Point, he aims to have a staff of 25 by the end of 2016. Based in Emerge Memphis since June of 2012, Blumenthal aims to purchase and rehab a building in downtown Memphis for Technology Happens' next headquarters as operations expand along with the growth of MVP.

Initially, Member Vantage Point is being launched exclusively in credit unions. However, the technology can be incorporated into any scenario where customers sign documents and Blumenthal has already been approached by interested parties in other industries including insurance and pharmaceuticals.

"I'm building the next Google," Blumenthal says, confident in MVP's ability to change customer transactions globally. 

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