Name Address Neighborhood Focus Area Type Status Year Website Investment Map
External renovations at The Choo Memphis University District Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Local Food Renovation In Progress 2016 $25,000 show
Five in One Social Club new location 2575 Summer Avenue, Memphis Summer Avenue/Berclair Economic Development, Entrepreneurship Renovation Planned 2016 n/a show
Germantown Athletic Club renovation 1801 Exeter Road, Germantown Germantown Economic Development, Healthy Communities Renovation Planned 2016 $1,400,000 show
Hickman Building rehab 240 Madison Ave. , Memphis Downtown/Downtown Core Economic Development, Livable Communities Renovation Planned 2015 n/a show
Insomnia Cookie in University District Highland Ave., Memphis Renovation In Progress 2017 n/a show
Modern Handmade Memphis 2090 Trimble Rd, Memphis Midtown Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Livable Communities Renovation 2014 website n/a show
The Barber Institute 1642 Shelby Drive , Memphis Whitehaven Renovation In Progress 2017 $25,000 show
Updated First Tennessee Orange Mound Branch 2284 Lamar , Memphis Orange Mound Economic Development Renovation Completed 2015 website n/a show
Total Projects= 8 Total Investment= $1,450,000