Orange Mound

Orange Mound Gallery models equitable development through artsRead Article

As redevelopments populate the Memphis map, some organizations like the Orange Mound Gallery look to more equitable ways to bring economic and social improvements to commercially disinvested areas.

Memphis black history: Orange Mound as a haven for black MemphiansRead Article

Memphis’ own neighborhood of Orange Mound has a significant spot in African-American history asit was the first residential neighborhood in the south open to African-Americans.

Bike share program will connect South Memphis, Orange Mound & Binghampton with core cityRead Article

In line with its mission, Explore Bike Share will deliver a first-ever bike share program to Memphis with 60 stations housing 600 bikes across high-density areas of Downtown and Midtown as well as connector neighborhoods of South Memphis, Orange Mound and Binghamton.
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Orange Mound was the first planned community built for and by African-Americans in the south. Middle-class black Memphians purchased inexpensive plots of land. Black-owned businesses flourished until the 1980s chronic disinvestment brought widespread crime and poverty. Today there is a strong, resident-led network of community and faith organizations and a stronger sense of history and neighborhood pride. The heart of Orange Mound is Melrose High School and its award-winning football team.

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SOS brings home-repair hope to urban communities

Feature Storyeventy five middle and high school students from around Memphis took part in PRIZM Ensemble's largest summer camp festival to date at Shady Grove Presbyterian Church.

Community outreach through classical music

Development Newsnew ballet

New Ballet Ensemble strengthens Orange Mound outreach

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Know your nonprofits: Theatre Memphis

First Tennessee re-opens branch in Orange Mound

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Changing the way we get around

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CVB teams with Google to map Memphis