Millington adopts Mid-South Greenprint plan

Last week the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of Millington voted unanimously to adopt Greenprint 2015/2040, the regional green space and sustainability plan. The outline to connect the region was completed in late 2014 through funding provided by a $2.6 million HUD Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant awarded to Shelby County Government. Millington’s adoption followed on the heels of similar adoptions by Arlington, Tennessee, and DeSoto County, Mississippi, in the week prior.

With these milestones passed, Greenprint 2015/2040 has now been formally adopted by jurisdictions in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee, bringing the hope for a regional plan for the tri-state area closer to reality. 
“Many jurisdictions have rapidly adopted the Greenprint because they recognize the wide-ranging benefits this plan provides to our quality of life, especially with buy-in from the entire Mid-South region,” said John Michels, the recently hired Greenprint Coordinator serving with the Memphis-Shelby County Office of Sustainability and Greater Memphis Chamber. “High-quality trails and green space are beneficial for all residents in the region, not just for their recreation value, but also as useful and cost-effective means to get to important destinations such as school or work.”
Greenprint 2015/2040 recommends adding 500 miles of off-street greenway trails, and 200 miles of on-street bike lanes over a 25-year period, providing benefits ranging from transportation options to economic development.  If implemented in its entirety, the proposed trail network would directly connect residents with 95 percent of the large park acreage in the region.
“Arlington has focused on parks and recreation within the Town, and adoption of the Greenprint shows our commitment to continue that focus,” said Heather Sparkes, Town Planner with the Town of Arlington. “We understand the positive impact this will have on our community and the greater region as the Greenprint is implemented.”

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