Greenprint adopted in 21 of 22 jurisdictions

This week Fayette County voted unanimously to adopt the Greenprint's concept map as the regional vision for green space and connectivity, making it the 21st jurisdiction to do so. Twenty other jurisdictions in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas have all passed resolutions to adopt the plan. View the full list of supporters here.

Adoption of the Greenprint plan is a jurisdiction's first step towards implementation of the plan's recommendations and the development of our regional green space network.

Greenprint 2015/2040 is a 25-year regional plan that charts a course for a more livable and connected Mid-South region through the development of a world-class bicycle and pedestrian network, which includes 500 miles of greenway trails and 200 miles of bicycle lanes. The plan’s geography spans three states, extending into four counties through 18 municipalities. 
If implemented in its entirety, nearly 80 percent of the region’s residents and nearly 80 percent of the region’s jobs would be within one mile of a proposed corridor.  
The Greenprint plan was developed over a three-year period by the Memphis-Shelby County Office of Sustainability and a consortium of more than 300 individuals representing 80+ organizations and jurisdictions. More than 4,000 local residents, organizations, businesses, and agencies, also contributed input during the planning phase. Funding for the plan was provided by a $2.6 million grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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