Women Working It: Sondra King is a smooth operator of health, wellness, and putting words to action

Sondra King is walking the walk when it comes to living a healthier life. It started several years ago when she used her blog to share healthy recipes, wellness tips, and smoothie recipes. 
Sondra King, owner/operator of K&B's Smooth Nutrition.
“I’ve always had a passion and knowledge regarding food, so I began to study different foods and how they affect our bodies,” she says. 

After an unexpected bout with some personal health challenges of her own, Sondra started feeling fatigued and lethargic, and her blood pressure started to escalate. She began experiencing migraines. That’s when her physician recommended some medication that she didn’t want to take. 

But Sondra took a different approach: she changed her diet and started exercising more. 

Sondra’s life changed after becoming a vegetarian, she says, incorporating leafy greens into her diet by drinking homemade smoothies every day. Those green smoothies were so good, in fact, that Sondra built a business on the strength of her recipes, knowledge, and zeal for health and wellness.

Enter K&B’s Smooth Nutrition.

K&B’s Smooth Nutrition started with a pop-up at Stretchlab Lakeland, where Sondra was quickly asked back. Her smoothies have proven so popular that she’s been invited for pop-up events at nearly two dozen sites throughout Memphis, and garnered media attention and accolades throughout the region.

Currently, customers can purchase Sondra’s grab-and-go smoothies at CycleBar (Germantown, Midtown, and Lakeland); Core Collective Broad; Mind/Body HAUS; and Brwnskn Yoga – and coming soon to Sundura Wellness and Link Apartments Broad Ave, too. And then there is, of course, her website, which is available at kbssmoothnutrition.com.

I recently had a chance to speak with King about her health journey, business success, and future plans.
Sondra’s grab-and-go K&B's Smoothies are available at several locations throughout Memphis, with more locations on the way.
High Ground News: For those who don't know, what is K&B’s Smooth Nutrition?  

Sondra King: K&B’s is a small, Black woman-owned business that offers fresh and organic superfood smoothies that are made to fuel your body for optimized health.

HGN: Some people say food is medicine. What is your take? 

Sondra: Food is definitely medicine. I’ve experienced it personally with my own health struggles. It’s not a myth.

HGN: How has dieting and exercise helped you on your personal health journey?

Sondra: Dieting and exercise gave me back my life. Literally. If it wasn’t for implementing the two of these things, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

HGN: Why is wellness so important to managing stress, and life in general? 

Sondra: The word wellness speaks for itself. If you’re not well, you can’t perform well, think well, and you definitely can’t survive being unhealthy. Wellness starts from within. You can’t pour into anything without being full. Being empty is no fun. We need to be well physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Wellness gives life, clarity, happiness, energy, peace, and longevity. That’s why wellness is so important for both mental and physical health.
"Food is definitely medicine," says Sondra King. "I’ve experienced it personally with my own health struggles. It’s not a myth."
HGN: What's next for Sondra King?

Sondra: I would say expanding K&B’s locally and then nationally, a wellness line, and publishing a couple more books. My mission is to heal – whether it’s with smoothies, supplements, or words. I want everyone to experience life, not just existence.

For more on K&B’s Smooth Nutrition, visit kbssmoothnutrition.com.

You can catch K&B’s Smooth Nutrition in person at For the Kingdom’s Raleigh Love Festival on Wednesday, July 26, and at the grand re-opening of Neighborhood Barre on Saturday, July 29. Sondra King will also be appearing on Now Faith TV with Dr. Paulette Harper on Friday, July 28.
*This interview was edited for length and clarity.

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