Shelby County Schools is enrolling for 2021-22. The Memphis School Guide can help families choose.

Shelby County Schools’ school choice applications for the 2021-22 school year opened on January 26. Families are no longer bound to their assigned public school. They can now choose between several public, private, and charter school options. 

The Memphis Education Fund recently published an updated Memphis School Guide for the upcoming year. The guide is also available in Spanish.

Find the guide and more information here

Once on the site, families can learn about each type of school, individual schools and their unique offerings, and how to enroll.

In a press release, the MEF described the guide as a "user-friendly tool to help parents quickly explore all of their local school options and to learn more about the K-12 feeder patterns in Memphis." 

MEF offers tips for finding the best fit for each unique child. It suggests families start by researching their neighborhood school, but also details other options.

For example, families can choose a traditional public school in another neighborhood. They might choose a charter school, optional school program, or iZone school. The guide also covers private schools. 

If a family chooses a school other than their neighborhood school, the MEF site can walk them through the transfer process. 

“Whether your child is preparing to enter kindergarten, choosing between high schools, or in need of a transfer, we hope the Memphis School Guide will serve as the first stop of your school choice journey," said Terence Patterson, CEO of the Memphis Education Fund, in a release. 

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