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In Photos: More Memphis neighborhoods revisited

Our On the Ground series embeds local journalists and photojournalists in a Memphis neighborhood for three to six months.

In each community, our photojournalists capture an incredible visual history, as well as the spirit and resilience of the people and places that make each one unique.

Our 13 OTG neighborhoods share one commonality. They're news deserts.

News deserts are areas that are rarely covered by local new outlets unless that coverage is centered on problems like crime, failing schools, or poverty. High Ground's mission is to work with residents to build their community's missing narratives.

Our current OTG neighborhoods are: Binghampton, The Edge, Frayser, The Heights, Hickory Hill, Klondike-Smokey City, Madison Heights, North Memphis, Orange Mound, Soulsville, South City, Uptown & The Pinch, The University District, and Whitehaven.

With the ever-present pandemic, our team hasn't been able to get out and visit our favorite folks and locales in our OTG communities.

We figured our readers weren't getting out much either so we've put together this visual "tour" of our OTG neighborhoods. Last week's tour wound through the first six neighborhood, and this week's visual adventure will add four more. 

Find last week's tour here: "In Photos: Memphis Neighborhoods Revisited"

Madison Heights

Self-identified street-level activist and Madison Avenue trolley bus passenger Larry White yawns and stretches as he rides along the trolley route through the Medical District. 2019. (Ziggy Mack) A second line jazz parade winds through the streets of Madison Heights to celebrate the community and the Rain or Shine umbrella-share project. 2019. (Ziggy Mack) Wise Tardezia performs a single blade razor shave and towel facial treatment on Pedro Bateman at the Presidential Lounge Barbershop in Madison Heights. 2019. (Ziggy Mack) Madonna Center volunteers serve food to the impoverished at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Memphis Ozanam Food Mission. 2019. (Ziggy Mack)

North Memphis

At the KTG factory in the Bickford area of North Memphis, massive parent rolls are stored until needed for manufacturing.They will soon become individual rolls of toilet paper. 2018. (Brandon Dahlberg)
Frank Johnson faces the Penn A Kem, LLC chemical plant across the street Douglass High School in the Douglass area of North Memphis. Johnson is an expert on environmental racism in North Memphis. 2020. (Ziggy Mack)
New Chicago CDC's African American history collection features African, African American, and Black American arts. 2017. (ZIggy Mack)
A Craftsman Bungalow-style home with ornate spiral pillars in the Vollintine-Evergreen area of North Memphis. 2020. (Cole Bradley)

Orange Mound

Marching bands of all sizes and ages help set a rhythm for the Orange Mound Southern Heritage Classic community parade. 2017. (Andrea Morales)
A few from the ceiling of the Mid-South Coliseum. The Coliseum sits at the intersection of Orange Mound, Midtown, and the University District. 2019. (Cole Bradley)

Artists and guests mingle at the opening of the CMPLX gallery and studio space in Orange Mound. 2019. (Cole Bradley)
Cheerleaders take a moment between the action at the Melrose High School homecoming pep rally. 2017. (Andrea Morales)

South City

A young girl plays hide and seek in front of shuttered apartment buildings on Tate Street. 2017. (Andrea Morales)
Earnest Shinault, Crenshaw Library's adult services librarian, holds a sign he uses to attract library patrons to the financial literacy and housing resources at the branch. 2019. (Cole Bradley)
Crews prepare the site of the former Foote Homes housing project for redevelopment and rebranding as South City. Foote Homes was Memphis' first large-scale housing project for Black Memphians. (Michael Waddell)
A South City resident hangs out outside of the Friendly Food Mart on the corner of Danny Thomas and Mississippi Avenue. 2017. (Andrea Morales)
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Cole Bradley is a native Memphian and graduate of the University of Memphis. Cole's worked locally as a researcher and community engagement strategist and began contributing to High Ground in Jan 2017.