North Memphis

Photos: Welcome to (western) North Memphis

We're kicking off our coverage of North Memphis. We'll cover the area and its many unique neighborhoods from now through July. Our coverage starts at the western side of North Memphis in the Uptown area and moves east through Hollywood, Hyde Park, and other key neighborhoods until we hit Douglass on the east. 

Here, take a visual tour of the western half of North Memphis, which includes many of the neighborhoods we'll cover in the first half of our six-month engagement, including Uptown, New Chicago, Klondike, Smokey City. 

Willie Mae Brooks, 83, sits for a portrait at her Klondike home. She has lived in the neighborhood since she was four. (Andrea Morales)
Students in Monica Shaw's third grade class work on a lesson about Peter Pan at the Memphis Scholars Caldwell-Guthrie School. (Andrea Morales)
Four urban explorers make their way up the Gayoso Bayou, navigating by flashlight. The Gayoso Bayou was once meandered through the Uptown area and was believed to be an important place for baptisms. It is now contained underground. (Brandon Dahlberg)
Customers check out a vendor's products at a vegan festival held in North Memphis. (Ziggy Mack)
Roxie's has been a staple in the Greenlaw area of Uptown for decades. They're world-famous for their massive hamburgers and regularly see international guests. (Brandon Dahlberg)
The Bellevue Middle School majorettes perform during a foster care awareness parade through the Klondike, University Lane, and Springdale neighborhoods. (Brandon Dalhberg)
Jason Ayers (L) high fives his cleanup partner. Crowning Our Youth, Inc., an anti-violence youth-oriented group, helped clean up vacant lots along Randle Street in Klondike. (Andrea Morales)
A marker sits at the central intersection on New Chicago. (High Ground News)
Young men walk along a North Memphis street. (Ziggy Mack)

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Cole Bradley is a native Memphian and graduate of the University of Memphis. Cole's worked locally as a researcher and community engagement strategist and began contributing to High Ground in Jan 2017.