Taking the cake with A Peace O' Cake

Lee Phillips has always loved baking, and his friends and family love to eat his creations. With their encouragement, Phillips decided to turn his hobby into a part-time business three years ago.

A Peace O' Cake is now a cake making and deliver service based in Hickory Hill. 

Phillips is a Memphis native and a 1989 graduate of Westwood High School. He's currently taking college courses and works a full-time job, but still bakes between three and five cakes a week. 

“I make all my own icing from scratch," he said. "Each cake has its own unique flavor and icing. It gives people something a little different to look at.”

Phillips is not active on social media, and sells his sweet treats primarily by word of mouth.

“I have a lot of connections with people through church and through my wife," he said.

Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, red velvet crumbs and pecans by Chef Lee Phillips of A Peace O' Cake. (Cat Evans) A Peace O' Cake's menu includes a dozen butter cookies for $10, glazed pound cakes for $35 and basic layer cakes for $40. Specialty cakes like the OMG Orange Pineapple Cake and Strawberry Delight start at $45. 

Phillip's best sellers include the Strawberry Delight and Pineapple Cream Cheese.

“I tell him all the time that he has to be channeling somebody’s old grandmother or something when he’s baking these products," said Warren Triplett, a barber and lifelong friend of Phillips.

"He’s extremely passionate about what he does, and it comes through in the quality of his product," Triplett continued.

A Peace O' Cake is currently a one-man operation, but Phillips hopes to hire help soon.

“...eventually I'll start looking for opportunities to grow," he said. "It's not an option right now because I don't have the consistent flow of business because I work full time and go to school."

He also plans to develop an official delivery service in the future. Currently, Phillips makes the trips himself. Short-distance deliveries are free, farther-distance deliveries cost just $5.00. This winter holiday season, he plans to enlist his brother for delivery assistance.

Chef Lee Phillips decorates a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. (Cat Evans)

Phillips is a Hickory Hill resident and has noticed positive improvements, as well as new challenges, in the area. He's seen more broken down cars on the street and unruly lawns. 

"It wasn't like that eight years ago," he said. 

But he's also seen businesses returning to the area and wants himself and A Peace O' Cake to be a part of that growth. 

“I try to connect with people and build stronger relationships. I don't want to take on more business than I can handle, but I want to handle what God has graced me with to handle.”

For orders and inquiries for A Peace O' Cake, email [email protected] or call (901) 598-6745.
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