MLGW recognized for pioneering efforts in energy saving

The Tennessee Valley Authority has honored Memphis Light, Gas and Water for its Top Performer Award in energy efficiency goals.

Last year, the TVA invested about $8 million into local companies to implement peak load and energy reducing projects. Shelby County was able to collect $5.5 million those funds. With a lion’s share of the investment, MLGW was a powerhouse in innovating and implementing new programs in line with TVA’s new eco-conscience goals.

“MLGW stands out for not only how much energy efficiency they do, but for their leadership in this area. Many of the new programs are started right here (at MLGW),” said Laura Campbell, a representative at TVA.

One such example, the EnergyRight Solutions program, focuses on encouraging business and industry owners to make their operations more energy efficient. In Shelby County, MLGW was able to save over 51 million kilowatt-hours of energy in 2104 under this program.

About 1,700 homeowners completed self energy audits under an incentive program to save on their MLGW utility bills. They also added 143 more Green Power Switch customers, bringing the total to 1,576 customers who bought 49,512 blocks of renewable power last year.

The TVA also lauded MLGW for saving “enough energy to power 3,000 homes a year.”  

MLGW is the largest of three-service public power utility providers in the nation, and serves more than 421,000 customers in Memphis and Shelby County. Currently, its successful programs are being replicated throughout the South.

“All these things reduce the amount of electricity needed by customers, reducing the need for additional power plants across the valley, and keeping MLGW customers' electric bills as low as possible through not only lower usage but attractive rates,” says Bill Bullock, Manager of Commercial and Industrial Customer Care of MLGW.

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Kate Crowder is a freelance writer and veteran educator who has taught for over a decade in public schools. The longtime Memphian and mother of three is frequently found on the stage as musician, actor, or director when not filling her role as contributor and Assistant Editor at High Ground News.
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