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Women Working It: Jazmine Tricoche is living her Dream Life

“Work Hard. Dream Big.” Inspirational words along the purple walls welcome visitors as they enter Dream Life. “Be Kind. Stay Humble.”

Business owner Jazmine Tricoche launched a part-time print shop in Atlanta nearly 10 years ago, while still working nine-to-five at her corporate job. She quickly discovered she loved working for herself. While she enjoyed the perks of big-business life, she knew there was something much bigger waiting for her.

Starting up and giving back

With a modest $500 in funds, Tricoche grew her one-woman print shop into a booming branding enterprise with a storefront location, a team of staff, and a website that serves customers across the country.

Those first few years as a full-time entrepreneur were full of learning experiences.

“I didn’t have anyone to teach me the back side of business,” said Tricoche, “like the importance of tracking sales and having a separate [bank] account for your business. I had to learn these things on my own. Now that I have the knowledge, I share it with other business owners.”

Tricoche said giving back to small, growing businesses is a way of life for her now. She now hosts a yearly workshop for entrepreneurs who don’t have the knowledge or resources needed to see the growth or financial return they’d like, and offers a how-to workbook so businesses can continue at their own pace.

The dream life

Dream Life offers customized promotional items—apparel, accessories, home goods—much like other independent print shops. What truly sets Tricoche’s business apart is the branding and design savvy she brings to the table.

“As a branding expert, I know that the visibility of your brand is very important,” she said.

Adorned in purple attire—her brand’s signature color, representing royalty and courage—Tricoche explained that a great part of her success has come from being able to listen to and make a connection with her clients, who she calls “Dreamers.” She consults with clients to determine the level of support they need, and then develops a branding plan for each customer.

“I teach them [things like] the importance of a color scheme and how important professional pictures are on their website,” said Tricoche. “I work with them to build their marketing materials and assist them with making their businesses visible on social media.”

A new Summer jewel

How did Tricoche end up in Memphis, living her dream life? The decision to move her business from Atlanta didn’t happen overnight.

“I researched how small businesses thrive. And that research told me that smaller cities,” like Memphis, she said, “offer more opportunities for small businesses.”

Tricoche heard that the 3397/3399 Summer Ave. property would be available in late 2019, as Jun Lee Trading Company was planning to move down the street after 30 years at that location. She seized the opportunity to expand her business.

The Dream Center event venue, which she also owns and runs, sits next to the print shop storefront. The venue has been open approximately a year, hosting events such as weddings, brunches, and pop-up shops, and boasts the specialized services of in-house decorating, bartending, and catering.

With a new mobile print shop launching soon and other ideas in the works, Tricoche has more in store for the continued success of Dream Life and other up-and-coming Memphis businesses.

“Helping more people and perfecting what I’ve already created. Success to me means doing something you love. Creating memories and creating legacies for the next generation. That’s success.”
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