Welcome to High Ground

Welcome to the first issue of High Ground, a new online magazine that covers what's next for Memphis. Each week, we'll bring you news about the latest developments, from our growing tech scene to the hottest urban neighborhoods.
What’s in a name, anyway? It turns out, a lot. Perhaps because it’s one of the very first steps in creation, imparting a title carries quite a bit of weight. Tasked with helping to create a new online magazine in Memphis, I wanted a name that would feel entirely local without being recycled, aspirational without being hackneyed.
I began soliciting ideas from friends, coworkers, strangers on the street. The bar seemed to be set out of reach until the idea of “High Ground” appeared in my inbox.
High Ground is not just our name; it’s our mission statement. We are bringing you alternative news on moving the city forward, emerging solutions to our urban problems, and the bright spots of creativity and development. We’re taking the higher ground in journalism and creating new narratives that document the transformation and growth on the Bluff. And we can tell you, there’s a better view from the top.

From this vantage point, we’ll report on what’s next in Memphis.  Our stories will explore community advancement through the talent, innovation and diversity that has always driven this city. We’re interested in mapping the micro-investments that add up to large-scale impact. We want to introduce you to the people making Memphis work.
My background is in both media and nonprofits, which makes me a good fit to manage a mission-driven publication. You might remember my byline from my work as Editorial Director of Niche Publications for E.W. Scripps, where I edited and helped launch a number of titles. I currently serve as the Executive Director of the Cotton Museum in downtown Memphis. I am a longtime Memphian who is passionate about my home and interested in leaving it better than I found it. We should love Memphis because it is ours, and I think that is enough.

To be clear, we are not civic cheerleaders throwing out blind praise for anything and everything coming out of the Mid-South. Our narrative isn’t one of an underdog suiting up to come back and win the big game. Memphis is a complex place with unique problems. We don’t ignore obstacles; we report on new solutions, creative ideas and small successes that others can build on.

Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll see a full plate of fresh stories in your inbox every Wednesday. Visit our website often for daily updates and news stories, or take a break from cat videos and Buzzfeed quizzes and connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. We’re interested in your feedback and suggestions, especially as we are still shaping our voice and developing our coverage. Please send me your thoughts -- we may contact you as a Memphis change agent!

I am excited (and very lucky) to have landed the participation of veteran writers Richard Alley, Erinn Figg and Michael Waddell to serve as our inaugural contributors and editors. And the incredibly talented Andrew Breig is the creative force behind the camera lens. I hope you will reach out to them, as well, and share your ideas. Or just tell them what a great job they are doing.

Stick with us daily, enjoy our stories and find value in what we bring to the media landscape. Share our content and become a part of our success. Thanks for reading, and thanks for helping us to tell the story of our changing city.
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Anna is a local writer, editor and non-profit administrator. She serves as Managing Editor for High Ground and as the Director of Communications and Marketing for the New Memphis Institute. Share feedback and story ideas with her here.