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Women Working It: Lakeisha Buford is helping Memphis women feel beautiful at FingersRite Hair Studio

Lakeisha Buford is the founder and owner of natural hair care salon FingersRite Hair Studio. The company was founded in November 2022 and provides natural hair care services like braids, locks, twists, and hair straightening. She established her company after deciding to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional hairstylist, receiving business development support from BLDG Memphis and their Community Navigator Pilot Program.

Before opening FingersRite, Buford worked in property management for 13 years. During that time, she was doing hair at home as a side gig even though it was her true passion. It wasn't until 2022 that she decided to go all in with her passion and open a salon. Due to her planning and persistence, her business has been flourishing ever since.

Buford took time out to share with High Ground News about the success of FingersRite and how her business journey has not only helped her but also given her the opportunity to help others.

Lakeisha Buford received business development support from BLDG Memphis and their Community Navigator Pilot Program.High Ground News: Since launching FingersRite, how has business been for you?

Lakeisha Buford: Business has been great. I’ve had clients that I’ve worked with for years when I was working at home and now that I’m in a facility, my business has flourished with different kinds of clients from word of mouth and social media. I also have a business website for bookings, as well.

HGN: Do you host events or collaborate with other businesses?

Buford: Yes, I do. There are different companies that do pro-bono activities through different schools to help with back to school programs and help those that are less fortunate. Sometimes I’ll do 1-on-1 services for those who are trying to learn how to style hair. I also try to help those who just want to learn how to braid and to also be able to build clientele and make income as well.

HGN: What have been the biggest strengths and advantages of your business?

Buford: Being a part of different programs to help build my business. The Kingdom Community Builders is a nonprofit out of Orange Mound and they give people different strategies to help their business get off the ground as far as to increase revenue and to budget. That helped me because when I was doing hair, it was the least of my worries as far as being able to know the administrative side of things. So, this program actually helped me to know how to budget and invest and how to do things on a higher level to advance and grow my business.

HGN: What have been your biggest successes with FigersRite?
Buford: The biggest success is meeting new people. Since I’m a social person, I’ve been able to meet new people and help them in ways that I didn't think was possible.

Another satisfied customer at FingersRite Hair Studio.HGN: Have you faced challenges with FingersRite?

Buford: Yes, I have. There is usually a season in the beauty industry where business slows down, like during the Christmas season. During this time, people may use their expendable income in other areas besides getting their hair done. Being in the industry, I had to pace myself and go through that season to be able to appreciate what I was doing. Also, as mentioned, the program that I was a part of helped me to set aside income for the slow seasons to grow my career.

HGN: What’s the current state of FingersRite?

Buford: At the time I’m focusing on gaining more clientele and gaining knowledge on how to do sisterlocks in order to become a certified sisterlocks technician. I would also like to help other stylists gain clients and more knowledge about hair as well.

HGN: What is your advice for other women who are interested in starting a business?

Buford: Patience is a virtue. You may have some stylists that are able to get clients quickly and those that are slower. But my advice would be to gain as much knowledge as you can about the hair industry and about hair care and to also network. You’ll have someone to help you in areas that you’re weak in and you’ll have to have patience that you’ll get to the desired place that you want to be in. If you want to be alone or you want a company or a franchise, just research and don’t be anxious about anything and just know God will take care of all of your needs and be able to provide for whatever it is you want to do in life.

For inquiries about natural hair care services at FingersRite Hair Studio, you can contact Ms. Buford at or @Fingersritehairstudio on Instagram.

FingersRite is located at 942 Mt. Moriah Rd. in Memphis.
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