White focuses on education to lift Frayser

Bobby White returned to his native Frayser in 2012 after 12 years spent working in the Memphis City Schools system. Today, he works as Founder and CEO of Frayser Community Schools where he wants to create an educational system that can become the center of the community
Bobby White spent 12 years working for Memphis City Schools as a teacher, coach, assistant principal and principal where he worked in the schools with the highest needs in Memphis.
White left Memphis City Schools in 2012 to plan and build the infrastructure of Frayser Community Schools, where he is Founder and CEO. White aims to be a game-changer in education by leading and operating a group of authentic neighborhood application-free schools that embody a culture that focuses on college, career and community while developing new traditions and instilling pride in their students.
What excites you most about Frayser City Schools?
Creating an educational system that becomes the center of our community. Causing a positive ripple effect on everything in the community – crime, blight, property value, businesses, etc. I seek to create new perceptions of Frayser as well as urban schools as a whole through FCS’ success.
What is your association to Frayser?
I grew up in Frayser, graduated from Frayser High School, and my parents still live in Frayser. My best friend owns an appliance store in Frayser and my sister works in a salon in Frayser.
What are your biggest concerns for Frayser?
Crime and experimentation with our schools.
How do you see the community overcoming those concerns?
My lens is always focused on education. Improve the schools and the juvenile crime rate will fall. Undoubtedly over time we are producing better prepared citizens and will not have as much crime. 
What makes Frayser special to you?
I was raised there...and now I have the opportunity to own the school I graduated from. That's pretty special.
What do you wish Memphians understood about Frayser?
We have such a beautiful landscape and the area has tremendous potential for rebirth.
What can smart neighborhoods learn about Frayser?
Collaboration works. The community partners know each other and are all supportive of each other’s work for the betterment of the whole.
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