Momentum Nonprofit Partners rebrands, plans move and other big changes

The Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence is making some big changes.

The organization held a celebration event on November 7 at Minglewood Hall to unveil its rebrand as Momentum Nonprofit Partners. Along with the name change comes news of ramping up staff, an impending move to a new location in Midtown, revamping its programming model, changing its membership structure and expanding its board.

“Over the past few years, a lot of the models for intermediary organizations have been in flux, and I think there’s a common identity problem for many of them,” said Momentum CEO Kevin Dean, who joined the organization in February.

“Really, the continued loss of funding was the impetus for these changes, but ultimately it’s a bigger issue both locally and nationally about non-profits finding what their identity needs to be in this current era. We’re just trying to keep ahead of the curve.”

Momentum has already increased its staff and is moving its offices from East Memphis to 630 S. Cooper Street in Midtown by next February.

“Parking is always going to be an issue with our nonprofit partners, and the new location in Midtown has 40 parking spaces built in,” said Dean. “You can’t find that in Midtown, so we knew we had to jump on it.”

Momentum works with 5,000 nonprofits in Memphis, addressing professional development needs of individuals and honing the talent that already exists. Its new programming model features three tiers: essential services for its members, professional development and training.

Momentum will no longer require membership dues, but will instead require that organizations have an account on, the comprehensive nonprofit directory that is part of the community information system. Organizations that have not yet acquired their 501(c)3 status will also have the opportunity to join and receive access to Momentum’s full range of services.

“We’re hoping it will allow new or emerging non-profits to join and feel included,” said Dean.

Participants will be encouraged to think and work collaboratively within a group, develop as a professional, create meaningful products to support their organization and to discuss and work to combat the issues affecting our community. Some of the programming will be offered for free, while other programs will be offered at a fixed cost.

The expansion of Momentum’s board includes a focus on diversity, with its first female board chair in 25 years and an even mix of corporate and non-profit members.

“We’re working towards building a board that is more reflective of Memphis demographically, including finding talented people of color that have great vision for the community,” said Dean.

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