Scarlet Ponder

Scarlet Ponder is a certified urban planner and an honorary Memphian of five years. As a freelance writer and local transit planer, she is passionate about promoting equitable urban policy and amplifying the stories of everyday change-makers.

Feature Story Ron Scott and Chris Clark prepare to install a door at the front of the workshop, as Tyler Parker and and Jared Myers load up a rickety work table that is no longer safe to use. All four are participants in the ad-hoc advisory board. (Scarlet Ponder)
Feature Story En una escena de la actuación, los miembros del elenco dan una representación artística de los vecinos que se unen para oponerse a un relleno de tierra propuesto. De izquierda a derecha: Michel Angel, Jazmin Bautista, Kierra Turner y Casey Greer.
Feature Story In a scene from the performance, cast members give an artistic re-enactment of neighbors joining together to oppose a proposed neighborhood landfill. From left to right: Michel Angel, Jazmin Bautista, Kierra Turner and Casey Greer. (Scarlet Ponder)
Feature Story The burial site of Harry Madison, one of two headstones in the Madison-Eckles Cemetery Park that is still legible. (Ziggy Mack)