Write for Us

So you're interested in contributing to High Ground News?

Great. Thanks! We're always on the lookout for new voices...and unlike many online media outlets, we do pay our contributors. Here are some tips to help you be most effective in getting our attention.

We are most in need of these. We are interested in trends affecting or playing out in Memphis, profiles of local organizations (non- or for-profit) doing interesting things in the city, Q&As with influencers and disruptors, and more. We highlight little-known solutions to big problems and shine a light on good news even when the city seems like a mess. We're interested in covering the positive, but not fluff.

We have two basic feature formats, a written-through, 1000-1200 word story, and Q&As. We are not opposed to packaging stories in other ways--just let our editor know!

Look through our focus areas and past stories to get a feel for what we do and what we cover.

Here's what we don't want to commission: stories about politics, scandal, or problems without a solution. We also aren't interested in event coverage, unless the event is indicative of a larger trend, restaurant reviews, or sports stories.

If you think you have an idea for us, write up a query letter (aka pitch letter) and send it to interim managing editor MJ Galbraith ([email protected]).

Guest posts/op-eds
If you have an idea or an opinion that fits within our coverage areas, send it to the managing editor. Unlike with features and news stories, we can't pay for op-eds, but your work will go out to our sizeable web and e-mail newsletter audience. If you've previously published this op-ed somewhere (like on your own blog, perhaps), let us know--we may still be interested in printing some or part of it.

Need help with your query letters? How to write a good magazine query letter and Samples of query letters that work. (We value the short and sweet.)

This article is specifically referring to guest posts on blogs, but has a section on pitching that should be relevant to any freelance writer.