Economic Development

Video: Why Whitehaven is a 'hidden gem'Read Article

When most people think of Whitehaven, they may think of Elvis Presley's Graceland estate. But the neighborhood, which boasts a strong community of homeowners and entrepreneurs, has so much more to offer.
A sign along a fence on Second Street, property that St. Jude has acquired. (Brandon Dahlberg)

A pinch of transformation: Institutions work together to reimagine the historic Pinch DistrictRead Article

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is at the vanguard of a wave of development activity on the way finally to the Pinch after years of neglect in the district.

Construction takes place at the former Wonder Bread factory at 400 Monroe Avenue. (Brandon Dill)

Residents to help allocate $26 million in Binghampton investmentRead Article

A $26 million investment in Binghampton over the next 30 years will help facilitate major growth, and residents are making sure those investments keep the neighborhood affordable so they see that success.
Construction on International Paper's new tower underway in East Memphis. Thousands fill Crosstown Concourse for the grand opening on Aug. 23, 2017.

Feature Story The new Power Center Academy Elementary School serves grades K-5 from the Mendenhall Square Shopping Center. (Gestalt Community Schools)

Gestalt expands charter schools efforts in Hickory Hill

Feature Story Wise Tardezia performs a single blade razor shave and towel facial treatment on Pedro Bateman at Presidential Barber Lounge in Madison Heights. (Ziggy Mack)

Meet the locals serving looks on Madison Avenue

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It's Memphis, economic development is found in steady momentum rather than a shock of cranes. Hundreds of blocks from the Riverfront, Pinch District and South City are benefitting from coordinated development with public and private sectors working hand-in-hand. Change is also found in small-scale projects and adaptive reuse that turn vacant buildings into corners worthy of investment.