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Unbanked: The high cost of doing business in ZIP 38126Read Article

If I drive in South Memphis, or North Memphis or Frayser, I see more pawn shops, more payday loans than anything. If I drive in Germantown, if I drive in Cordova, you have to have a magnifying glass to see one. They flash across the TV screens here. It's more in our neighborhood than other ...

Building a tech workforce in Memphis bit by byteRead Article

The need for a tech workforce is growing, and Memphis is playing catch-up by offering certification courses to adults as well as coding and programming workshops for students. 

Advance Memphis brings change to South MemphisRead Article

Advance Memphis is in the business of bringing economic self-sufficiency to the residents of the 38126 ZIP code, which includes much of the Soulsville USA neighborhood.
One of Southern Steel's employees puts the finishing touches on an order. (Brandon Dahlberg)

Memphis will match funds for expungement of non-violent offendersRead Article

Beneficiaries of the Better Memphis Fund also receive job and soft skills training from the city’s Workforce Investment Network.

City of Memphis employs panhandlers to beautify the cityRead Article

“At the end of the day, you’ve actually worked for the Mayor. It's a big deal. It's not some handout. It's a public works job site.”
The FedEx Institute of Technology’s UMRF Ventures FedEx IT Command Center opened in June 2018 and employs 45 U of M students. (University of Memphis)

Feature Story Wise Tardezia performs a single blade razor shave and towel facial treatment on Pedro Bateman at Presidential Barber Lounge in Madison Heights. (Ziggy Mack)

Meet the locals serving looks on Madison Avenue

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Memphis has long been regarded as a hub for logistics, but economic development efforts are bringing up the workforces in sectors including tech, medical device manufacturing and education. In 2018, the City of Memphis surveyed 15,000 available jobs, and a host of partners are working to recruit, train and develop talent to meet those needs.