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Technology and Innovation

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Multi Shaft Assembly

Technology is an increasingly important engine in the local economy, which means more of Memphis' businesses, government and institutions are aggressively investing in the development of high tech talent. And our tech growth is diversified; we have a broad representation of science and technology business. Buckman Laboratories, Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Morgan-Keegan, Sharp Manufacturing of America, Smith & Nephew, and Wright Medical Technologies all have headquarters in our backyard, to name a few.

Technology and Innovation Features

Quincy Foster, a LAUNCH graduate, captures moments while at work during a wedding.

Entrepreneurship promotes community development in South Memphis

Advance Memphis can't repair decades of disinvestment, generational poverty and community decline, but the nonprofit can set ZIP 38126 on the right path by connecting entrepreneurs with resources to start their own businesses. 

The Liberty Bowl, with its expansive parking lot, is the anchor for the Fairgrounds but is only used to capacity for the college football season.

Friends of the Fairgrounds looks to partner with the city on fairgrounds redevelopment

Friends of the Fairgrounds hope to partner with the City of Memphis on a comprehensive plan to restore the Fairgrounds as a public attraction.

GraphStory founder Greg Jordan checks on GraphStory software.

Startup GraphStory raises $1M, continues to grow in Memphis

A startup that provides easy-to-read data graphs as a service has raised more than $1 million. Founder Greg Jordan talks about his company's next steps.

 Jameelah Jordan, CEO and co-founder of Mozak on the second floor balcony of Start Co. in Downtown Memphis.

Finland-to-Memphis startup provides virtual assistants for real estate agents

“I was in another country, I didn’t speak the language, and it was a time for me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life,” said Jameelah Jordan, founder of Memphis-based Mozak. 

Divya Pinnaka, the president of the Memphis chapter of MIT Launch.

MIT works with young entrepreneurs to change the face of tech in Memphis

Why wait for business school? MIT trains Memphis high school students in launching their own businesses before they even get to college.
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