Shelby Farms debuts new park app, relaunches Shelby Fit app

A visitor to Shelby Farms Park Conservancy will be able to hold the park in the palm of her hand, thanks to a new mobile app that is rolling out this month. At the same time, the park is also re-launching the ShelbyFit fitness app, which is developed in partnership with Baptist Memorial Health Care.
The new Shelby Farms Park app features a detailed interactive map of the park, along with updates on various attractions like the arboretum and disc golf, news, events, construction and research happening within the park.
"The map will show where you are in the park, which is really helpful for people navigating the trails," says Shelby Farms Development Assistant Betsy Peterson, who heads up the app program with the assistance of Communication Coordinator Rebecca Dailey.
The primary function of the ShelbyFit app is to track fitness. It lists all the parks in the area and the kinds of activities one can do there, like fishing, biking and running trails.
"Visitors can log hours spent on activities against their goals, and we also post health articles, recipes and tips," Peterson says.
Peterson and Dailey worked closely with Baptist and Speak Creative in Cordova to design the apps.
"Baptist is doing great work to get the community moving, and the ShelbyFit app is a really easy--and free--way for people to keep track of their success," says Dailey.
The park app is available for iPhones and Android devices, and the ShelbyFit app is currently available only on iPhones.
Up next at the park, a brand-new entrance will open next week on Farm Road, and the current main entrance will close permanently once the new lake expansion is completed.
By Michael Waddell
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