Broad Avenue-based Relevant Roasters opens coffee bar

Relevant Roasters wants you to come over for coffee.
Jimmy Lewis' company is barely a year old, but Relevant Roasters has made a name for itself selling quality blends to specialty grocery stores and restaurants. By mid-July, the warehouse at 584 Tillman will be open in the daytime as a full-service coffee bar. Patrons will be able to sip pour-over and drip coffee and snack on pastries from local favorite Tart. The coffee bar will be the only place that sells all of Relevant Roaster's blends, and it will showcase limited-run roasts. 
Brendan Larkin, Sales and Marketing Director, admitted that being open for retail wasn't part of Lewis' vision. "It's been kind of a slow progression. For a while, we were doing a Saturday open house with people coming in and drinking free coffee. We were getting so many people to come in that we thought we could make it work." 
Larkin added that sharing a parking lot with the Rec Room boosted prospects. "It's an unconventional space, but people have shown that they're not hesitant about coming down here."
Loma Pongmee will be joining the team as Head Barista. Pongmee brings a wealth of experience from San Francisco, where she worked with established coffee roaster Four Barrels. 
A soft opening will take place sometime this week, with a hard opening, yet to be announced, following some time after. Relevant Roasters is aiming to be open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. 

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