Tech startup Greenline Pet signs on with Crosstown Concourse

Greenline Pet, a startup software development company, is the newest business to sign on with Crosstown Concourse.

It will occupy a 2,500-square-foot space on the fourth floor by the first quarter of 2018.

Phillip Shackelford, Greenline Pet president, started the business in June of 2013 and has been based out of Nashville since then. The company provides software services to pet health manufacturers and veterinarians and will soon also provide services to pet owners.

“What we do is digitize paper-based processes,” said Shackelford.

“In veterinary medicine, there are a lot of consumer coupons and rebates for heart worm and flea-tick prevention. These coupons are all paper-based and require the pet owner or clinic to fill out the coupon, and most veterinary clinics fill out the coupon as a service to their clients and then print out a second copy and mail it to a third party for data entry.”

Greenline Pet takes all of the work out of that process, saving the clinics hundreds of hours per year in filling out the forms.

“We’re also ensuring that the consumers get their money and that the clinics get their reimbursement,” said Shackelford. “Other benefits are that it’s very positive for the environment because we save an enormous amount of paper waste from the landfill and we save a tremendous amount of trees.”

Pet health is also positively impacted because dogs and cats need the products to help keep them free and clear of heartworms, ticks and fleas.

Greenline Pet works with three major manufacturer clients and well over 2,000 veterinary clinics across the country, but Shackelford still considers his company a startup at this point.

Plans are being finalized and construction will get underway soon on the company’s space within Crosstown. LRK designed the floor plans, and Grinder Taber and Grinder is handling the buildout.

“Crosstown [and Sears] is to me symbolic of a business that did not change or adapt to keep up with the technology shift in the United States,” said Shackelford. “Now with Crosstown being transformed into this very alive, happy and vibrant space, it’s a reminder to me that as a business owner I have to keep constantly adapting and changing with the speed of consumers.”

He expects to hire roughly eight employees by the end of the year and will offer some internships to students from local colleges and high schools.

Greenline Pet will maintain its other office in Franklin, Tenn. outside of Nashville. Shackelford is a Memphian and has been commuting to the Franklin office every week for the past four years.

“This is my commitment to investing in Memphis,” he said “And I’m really looking forward to being home more as my kids get older.”

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Michael Waddell is a native Memphian who returned to Memphis several years ago after working for nearly a decade in San Diego and St. Petersburg, Fla., as a writer, editor and graphic designer. His work over the past few years has been featured in The Memphis Daily News, Memphis Bioworks Magazine, Memphis Crossroads, the New York Daily News and the New York Post. Contact Michael.
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